The times are changing, and that’s exciting news for your health. Though Ayurveda is about 5,000 years old, Western diagnostics gives our wise practitioners additional new tools to diagnose, assess, and treat clients. One might say that while Ayurvedic pulse reading discerns, pathology testing confirms. An Ayurvedic Consultation, for example, might lead you to a Nutrigenomics Test, an advance in DNA testing which allows us to accurately and affordably provide you with a “DNA Blueprint”: a map of how various medicine and methods can be used to switch markers “on” and “off” at the genomic level in order to maximise your potential for wellness and longevity. Your options to get the right answers to your health are now better than ever.

Testing Consultations

VLA Vitality Longevity Analysis

Accurately measure toxicity and cellular age, which may be different than your biological age.

Microscopic Health Analysis

A live blood screening to measure cellular function, nutrient absorption, and to provide insight to what’s going on in the body.

Microscopic Health Analysis Follow Up

A live blood screening, but with a much wider net, connected to your overall treatment plan with your practitioner.

DNA Profile: Nutrigenomics Package

Your DNA-blueprint revealed. Learn how to switch genes “on” and “off” with nutrition and other treatments.

Heavy Metal Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

As if a CSI scene, seeking a culprit. Hair plucked and examined, proving the underlying cause of mysterious symptoms.

Thyroid Function Analysis

Usually, it’s all about the thyroid. Discover if yours is normal, underactive, or overactive, and get answers.

Salivary Hormone Analysis

A test to assess the level of hormonal balance in both men and women, such as testosterone and adrenals.

Specialised Gastrointestinal Function Stool Analysis

With this DNA-based method to assess GI function, we can detect a wide variety of serious issues early so that nothing is missed.

Food Allergy and Intolerance Analysis

Full panel, comprehensive analysis and listing of all the foods and substances you absolutely need to avoid.

Adrenal Function Analysis

Adrenal imbalance is the agent behind a laundry list of health issues, especially stress. Accurate saliva-based test to determine appropriate treatment needed.

Liver Function and Toxicity Analysis

Latest blood test technology to measure liver enzymes, toxicity, and any damage that may be present.


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