Remedial Massage

It’s massage on a mission. Our therapists are trained not only to look at the muscular system, but what is happening throughout the body. So, in addition to relaxing you, Remedial Massage adjusts the body and manipulates tissue in order produce specific therapeutic effects. This approach is effective at targeting stress, anxiety, depression, poor circulation, poor digestion, muscle soreness, arthritis, and insomnia, and many other common health issues. When combined with other treatments, such as Ayurveda, the benefits are significant.

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60 min Standard Remedial Massage

Widely regarded as a scientific therapy, manual, soft tissue techniques produce specific, therapeutic effects, reducing pain and restoring muscle function.

60 min Standard Remedial Senior Massage


45 min Short Remedial Massage

Perfect for a quick muscle and joint tune-up, to provide instant relief from poor circulation, digestion, soreness, among other symptoms.

45 min Short Remedial Senior Massage


90 min Extended Remedial Massage

For those that need or want a whole body massage experience, soft tissue therapy relieves more chronic conditions.

90 min Extended Remedial Senior Massage


Corporate Health Massage

Massage is a very enjoyable and economical way to reward your staff. Our practitioners can tailor treatments for individuals and groups.



Our Massage Therapists

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