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Jo Formosa

Clinical Director, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner

About Jo and Back2Health:

Back2Health is the expression of Jo Formosa’s personal journey in the health and wellness field. Over time, Jo became a fluent practitioner in a number of different traditions, such as Chinese Medicine, Remedial Massage, and Neuro-Strategies, before primarily specialising in Ayurveda.

However, as a witness to the powerful health benefits of all these modalities, it was Jo’s vision to preserve these traditions by offering them in a clinical setting, alongside Ayurveda, in order to provide clients with maximum options to regain their best health.

Below, meet the team. Each is highly respected in their chosen tradition and works closely with Jo to deliver the right combination of treatments, guidance, and support to help you feel better than you ever have before.

Dr Madhavi Kathiria

Ayurvedic Doctor, Naturopath

Dr Kavita Parekh

Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr Gayatri Marwah

Ayurvedic Doctor

Our Front of House Team

Each client’s health is a unique puzzle and, as such, they undergo a very personal journey towards their best health. While our Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioners, Remedial Massage Therapists, and Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturists are the most key in delivering consultations and treatments, it is the front-of-the-house team that ensures those clients have the smoothest and most rewarding journey possible.

By handling everything from bookings to enquiries, as well as guiding clients on what to do, how things work, and where to go once they are at the clinic, it is no exaggeration to say that Back2Health would not be the amazing place it is today without their generosity and commitment to look after both the clients and practitioners everyday.

Because our FOH team understands that optimal healing can only happen in the right environment, both internally and externally, they do everything in their power to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere through anticipating client and practitioner needs and seamlessly taking care of every detail. At Back2Health, we believe that for a healing environment to work, “client service” must be considered as much of a “modality” as anything else we offer, so that established and prospective clients always receive a healing “treatment” from the moment they encounter the front-of-the-house.

To find out more about how we can help you on your journey, give our team a call anytime or explore the services we offer in more detail.

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