Neuro Stratergies

Thoughts do indeed become things. In the Ayurvedic triad of mind, body, and spirit, our Neuro Strategists help you identify the ways in which your thought patterns and life strategies directly impact the body and overall health and wellness. Our practitioners were expertly trained in the most effective methods to help clients shift their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Many clients suffering from issues like drug addiction, loss and grief, and debilitating stress, found rapid success in a single session with us. Families who’ve come to us with seemingly impossible challenges, also discovered immediate, practical strategies and solutions to their problems. In addition, our other treatments, like Acupuncture and Remedial Massage, become significantly more effective when Neuro-Strategies are created. We can show you how.

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90 min Initial Neuro Strategy Consultation

A warehousing of the current strategies you use in your life, how they’re adversely affecting your health, and a map on how to live more fully.

60 min Standard Neuro Strategy Consultation

After your initial consultation, a treatment which combines strategy and education to rapidly improve your mental and physical well being.

90 min Extended Neuro Strategy Consultation

Geared towards couples and families, extra time for focused treatment and strategies to immediately improve the most difficult of problems.

30 min Short Neuro Strategy Consultation

For ongoing clients, a quick check-in to tune-up on strategies and methods to continue improvement in overall quality of life.

Neuro Strategy Day Rate (on request)

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