Dr Kavita Parekh

Dr Kavita Parekh

Ayurvedic Doctor 

Ayurvedic Doctor

Certified food and nutrition experts


C.F.N (certificate in food & nutrition)
Member of A.A.A.

For Kavita, being Indian meant growing up around the rich tradition of Ayurveda. During school, she got involved in making some herbal tablets and different decoctions with her mother.

It was here that she learnt different herbal formulas and their deep meanings and was drawn to a career in Ayurveda.

Kavita graduated from Govt. Akhandan and Ayurvedic College, where she was honoured with the “Ayurvisharada Award”. During her studies, she started making medicines at home such as varieties of oil, nasal drops, Chyavanprasham, Avahelam, Tablets and Suvarnaprashan.

After graduating, in order to expand her knowledge, Kavita studied Certification in Food and Nutrition and worked for 15 years in traditional Ayurvedic clinics, charitable trusts and public hospitals in India.

She also attended many social diagnostic camps that provide consultations for free in a way to give back to her community. In some of them, Kavita gave consultations to 100 patients per day. These opportunities gave her a chance to work close to the society and involve in the maintenance of public health.

When she moved to Brisbane in 2019 with her family to join her husband in his career and passion.

Kavita started at Back2Health to start her dream of helping people again.

It was here that she was able to live passion serving others in their search of health and wellbeing and knowing that there is always something else that she can learn to help to make a difference.

Kavita believes Ayurvedic Principles are very powerful in this era and can help to attain total health for an individual, family and society.

While also being a busy mum of two lovely daughters, she has a strong desire to spread a healing touch to our community, so people can experience the power of Ayurveda in their body, mind and soul.

What we love about Kavita is her passion and dedication for her clients where she will walk beside them and guide them with her gentle nature.


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