Looking forward to an “easy” Christmas? Maybe we can help with that…

The holiday season is coming and is supposed to be a time of joy and relaxation. Most of us manage to find some joy in the season but relaxation? Anything but!

Let’s face it, Christmas time is a time of stress; routines get disrupted; eating and drinking habits go awry (not to mention exercise programs); relationships are tested; and, for most of us, the outward flow of money is much greater than the inward flow.

And then most of us spend the first few weeks of the new year in a battle of wits and willpower as we struggle with the disappointment of  broken new year’s resolutions and promises to ‘be good.’


It doesn’t have to be hard

But what if there was an alternative? What if you could truly enjoy the spirit of the season without overindulging? What if you had strategies that allow you to ‘respond’ to situations with mastery rather than just ‘react’ to them impulsively? What if you could be an island of calm amongst all the chaos going on around you? And what if you could wake up each day throughout the season and feel the ‘demands’ but without the pressure?

All of this and more is possible simply by learning and using a few simple stress management techniques and strategies. With more than 5,000 years of history, Ayurveda has literally lived through everything, and has the tools and strategies to ease even the most stressful situations.

Importantly, it has a different approach for every body type, meaning you can learn the strategies that are right for you and your particular body type or combination.


Prepare yourself for a relaxing Christmas Season

Back2Health Clinic invites you to prepare yourself for a relaxing Christmas by joining is in our upcoming Stress Management Masterclass, held over 2 x 2 hour sessions this November (22nd and 29th).


During the Stress Management Masterclass you will learn:

  • The routines you can sustain through Christmas to help keep you on track
  • How to ‘defuse’ yourself when you feel like situations are getting out of control
  • The foods and drink that support keeping you in a relaxed state and those that put stress on your body
  • How to ‘soften yourself’ (as opposed to steel yourself) for the days you know will be challenging
  • How to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep with a few simple and pleasant techniques
  • A simple meditation technique you can use any time to take the edge off your day (yes, even you can learn to meditate)
  • How you can be a beacon of peace and tranquility that has a calming effect on those around you.

If a relaxing Christmas is on your wishlist this year, reserve your spot now for our Stress Management Masterclass. Space is strictly limited so please book early. (And if you really want to maximise the impact on your life, invite someone close to you to join you so you can really dial things up together).

You will also have access to an exclusive Stress Management package. This package will include:

  • Three Ayurvedic Treatments
  • One Blis (herb)
  • One Suhruday (herb)
  • One Tea Coup tea

This package is valued at $414.00, but will be sold to attendees for $372.60.


Program Details

When: Tuesday the 22nd and 29th of November, 6pm – 8pm

Where: Back2Health – 36 Hardgrave Road, West End

Cost: $97


Stress Management Masterclass
Stress Management Masterclass

Capacity is strictly limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

NOTE: If you feel you are ready for a complete overhaul, please call the clinic on 07 3255 0671 to discuss as we also have an extensive program available.


Meet Jo Formosa – Your Stress Management Masterclass Facilitator

At Back2Health, Jo is best known for helping interstate and international patients with the most challenging health conditions, such as cancer, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immune problems, children and baby health, and developmental issues, among others… Read more