Can You Really Control Sickness and Disease?

Have you been suffering from recurrent cold and flu this year?

Would you like to boost your and your family’s immune systems?

Have you got an autoimmune disease?

Most of us think of sickness and ill-health as a fact of life yet our bodies have an incredibly complex immune system keeping disease at bay every day. Understanding this system will empower you to avoid and possibly eliminate the symptoms and conditions that you might have ‘learned to live with.’

Join us in our upcoming Ayurvedic Immunity Masterclass where you’ll discover how your immune system works, where it is located, and how you can enhance its function.

In This Immunity Masterclass You Will Learn:

  • What your immune system is and how it works
  • Why some people are more susceptible to getting infections more than others
  • How you can increase your immunity so you don’t get sick
  • Treatments strategies to implement at the very first sign of infection to stop it from progressing further and recover quickly
  • How to treat a full-blown infection if you do get sick
  • How to regulate your immune system if you have an autoimmune disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Thyroid disease, Graves disease and other autoimmune disease.

How does ayurveda differ from the medical approach?

Ayurvedic medicine takes an individualised approach and treats each body type, including yours, in a personalised way.  

It is not the one size fits all approach of western medicine and acknowledges that what works for one body type can aggravate another. You will learn powerful information to strengthen the immune systems of yourself and those you care for, with take-home strategies you can start using straight away.

And if you need extra support or have more complex immune system issues that can be treated with Ayurvedic medicine, we can direct you to a treatment program that matches your circumstances.

Ayurvedic Immunity Masterclass

Ayurveda has given me my health back. I came in looking to improve my kidney function and I left with more benefits than I ever thought of, including putting my rare autoimmune condition in remission.

R.V, Mackay

Program Details

Our next Ayurvedic Immunity Masterclass program commences August 16th.

  • Class 1 – Tuesday August 16 6:15 – 7: 15 pm
  • Class 2 – Tuesday August 23 6:15 – 7: 15 pm
  • Class 3 – Tuesday August 30 6:15 – 7: 15 pm
  • Class 4 and Shared Banquet Dinner – Tuesday September 6 6:15 – 8: 15 pm

We welcome you to either the full 4 class series and dinner or the concluding class and dinner on September 6th.

Capacity is strictly limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

Banquet Dinner Only

Join us for the concluding 2 hr masterclass and shared meal
  • 2 hour Ayurvedic Immunity Masterclass
  • Shared Ayurvedic Banquet Dinner
  • Membership of our free private Back2Health VIP Facebook group

Capacity is strictly limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

NOTE: If you feel you are ready for a complete overhaul, please call the clinic on 07 3255 0671 to discuss as we also have an extensive program available.