Reset your Body with a 7 day Yoga Detox Program

Do you want more energy and to feel lighter?

Do you want to get rid of the stress, heaviness and overwhelm in your head?

Have you been trying to lose that extra weight that just won’t shift?

Do you want less pain and more movement in your body?

Do you want a step by step personalised plan where we do the thinking for you?

….you could be weeks away from a more vital, energetic and vibrant you.

We have the solution!
…And have made it easy. Just show up and we will step you through it!

We have created a yoga detox program where everything is provided for you. You just show up.  We know that today the pace of life is fast and the chance to get away and rejuvenate is very slim.  You may have children who need your attention, you may be so busy at work or you have been burning the candle at both ends and you need a solution that is little fuss but with high results.  We are bringing a retreat to you. This will keep you going and the kick start you need to feel recharged, energised and feeling light and vibrant with a clear head.


Our next program starts on MAY 21st 2018.   

Book today – Only 10 spots available

We provide the following:

  • Ayurvedic breakfast and lunch cooked for you
  • Daily yoga classes to massage your organs and increase circulation
  • Cooking class to give you the gift of knowledge
  • Relaxing and detoxifying body treatments
  • Infrared detox session
  • A personalised plan to have optimal health
  • Consultation with your Ayurvedic Dr
  • Detoxification herbs and medicated herbal tea
  • Step by step plan for 7 days with daily videos
  • Meal plans & recipes to get you a cleaner, clearer body in just 7 days
  • Health Dynamics Profile Test – The first test that links your mind and body type together for your personalised path to health.  This is your personal blueprint to optimal health








Program Details:

Venue: Back2Health Clinic, 36 Hardgrave Road, West End Brisbane Qld 4101

Start Date: Monday 21st May

Cooking Class time: 6:30 – 8pm Monday 21st May

Yoga Times: 6:30am Daily


It’s More Fun With A Friend

Statistics show that you get much better results when you try to make changes within a group. If you do a program alone you get a 30 % result,  if you do it with a friend it increases to 50% AND WHEN YOU DO IT WITH A GROUP IT INCREASES TO OVER 70%.

The Results of an Ayurvedic Body Detox Speak For Themselves

“I was experiencing regular muscular pain and was constantly at the osteopath to relieve my aches and pains. I suffered chronic fatigue and lethargy. My liver is now functioning well and my ability to cope with stressful situations” Kellie Newell

“I first visited Back2Health with issues of anxiety and minor liver disorders. I was put on a detox program and thought it was a stage to prepare me for more specific treatment but was astounded by how effective the detox was. I managed to rid myself of long-term coffee and sugar addictions and am able to make it through the day with much higher energy levels. Even more exciting is that I no longer have any anxiety or stress issues. I couldn’t be happier with the results and my husband calls me his ‘new wife.’ K.J. Brisbane

“I’d been on chemotherapy treatment and the doctors had most recently diagnosed me with kidney failure and a very rare autoimmune disease.  Only two weeks on the detox, I had a second blood report done and was astounded with the results! My blood glucose sugar levels were down from 14 to 4.1, my cholesterol had plummeted and I was no longer experiencing kidney failure.” R.V, Mackay