Dr. Upulie Pathirana

Dr. Upulie Pathirana

Ayurvedic Doctor

B.A.M.S Msc (Health Services Management)

For Upulie, it started with an infinite love for the stethoscope. Childhood daydreams were occupied with being a doctor, and Upulie committed herself early to jump over all the difficult hurdles needed to transform those dreams into reality.

During 12 advanced level examination, her marks were great, but with more difficult criteria, Upulie learned that she was two points short of medical school entrance and was recommended to instead study Veterinary Science. Knowing in her heart she was meant for a different life, Upulie found new determination and recommitted herself to her dream of Medicine, later being selected for an Ayurvedic Medical Science program at the University of Colombo in 2002 — a slightly different path than the more conventional Western Medicine training she was originally after.

Still enamored with the vivid image of the stethoscope and the starched white lab coat, Upulie resisted the “old” and “outdated” concepts and life philosophies of Ayurveda, as it all seemed so very far away from the modern technological world. In her mind, Upulie could always return to “proper” medicine. Yet, like many others who encounter Ayurveda, Upulie’s skepticism flipped at the moment she witnessed the evidence of hundreds of happy faces in general wards, pediatric clinics, surgery units, and Obstetric and Gynaecology wards who sought more holistic therapies. Most of them were “fed up” with Western therapies. Their happy faces, in a way, became the new image that motivated Upulie, giving her a whole new understanding and appreciation for Ayurvedic Medicine.

Upulie proudly graduated with a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medical & Surgery in 2009, and has since held respected positions as a General Practitioner and Community Medical Officer in both the public and private sector. At Back2Health, as an Ayurvedic Doctor,  her specialities include Medical and Lifestyle consultation, Ayurvedic body treatments and beauty treatments, Neuromuscular diseases & pain management, Detoxification, and Anti-aging & rejuvenation treatments, among others.

Upulie’s bubbly personality, intelligent mind, and strong respect for both ancient Ayurvedic Medicine and modern Western Medicine translates into a unique style and approach appreciated and cherished at Back2Health, bringing health, wellness, and an extra dose of happiness to all who encounter her.

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