Dr. Gayatri Marwah

Dr. Gayatri Marwah

Ayurvedic Doctor

Member of A.A.A


For Dr. Gayatri, it started at age 9, with an Ayurvedic pulse reading from Dr. Smita, a world-renowned pulse reader. Even at that young age, Gayatri was astonished how Dr. Smita could do something so simple and yet discern precisely what her body composition and imbalances were. This gentle, yet precise approach to health care would inspire and shape the rest of Gayatri’s life.

Being born and raised in India in a family where holistic medicine was an everyday practice, Dr. Gayatri embraced and internalised activities such as Yoga and meditation very early on. These beginnings inspired her to study at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the world’s oldest centre for Yoga and Meditation. Gayatri has since become a skilled Meditation & Yoga teacher and is involved with the Art of Living Foundation, which impacts lives in hundreds of countries.

Yoga and Meditation naturally led to Gayatri’s decision to enroll for a degree in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery, which she completed in six years, along with additional hands-on study learning and practicing pulse diagnosis in India. Inspired to share Ayurvedic wisdom and practices with the Western word, Gayatri moved to Australia and quickly became a highly-valued member of the Back2Health team, where she’s been since 2013.

In a storybook plot twist, life came full circle and Dr. Gayatri got the opportunity study with her childhood hero, Dr. Smita. Dr. Gayatri’s diverse training under renowned doctors such as Smita has made her into a highly qualified and sought after Ayurvedic doctor and pulse reader across Australia, and beyond, just like them. Trained in all aspects of medicine and Ayurvedic therapies including herbal medicine, Panchkarma (body detoxification), Nasya therapy, Marma Therapy, Janu/Kati Basti, Netra tarpan, Shirodhara, Basti (Enema), Raktamokshana, Virechana and much more, Dr. Gayatri is an expert in recommending effective therapies and lifestyle strategies catered to each client’s body type in order to produce long term health benefits, most notably in the area of digestive health, stress and depression, skin ailments, weight problems, and chronic fatigue.

As there is no end to learning, Dr. Gayatri is pursuing a research degree from Griffith University. Currently involved in a research project looking at the effects of probiotics in the growth of preterm babies, her dream is to build strong research in the field of Ayurveda in order to spread the benefits of this ancient science to the world.

Dr. Gayatri’s soft approach, gentle nature, passion for helping people, and her lifelong dedication to holistic practices and Ayurvedic medicine makes Dr Gayatri a highly respected member of the Back2Health team.

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